Four young Aussie adventurers 4WD across Australia with an offbeat approach to the off-road challenges they face, the people they meet, and the way they present our wonderful country.

This is not your run-of-the-mill Australian 4WD show. This is real people with real 4x4s, real faults and real issues with driving, camping and cooking. This is four fresh-faced, fun-loving twenty-somethings confronting some of the most extreme 4WD challenges the Australian Outback has to offer; not to mention some of our most extreme outback people.

4X4 Aussie Mates takes Aussie 4WD shows where they’ve never been before in a rollicking, upbeat and surprising journey across some of the most breathtaking countryside Australia has to offer.

4X4 Aussie mates is action-packed, fun and entertaining, but it’s also enlightening with a healthy smattering of great tips for 4WD enthusiasts. This includes letting the air out of tyres for maximum comfort and traction off road and always carrying paper maps in case your GPS goes AWOL, to name just a few.

The series will also set a good example for other 4WD adventurers by being environmentally conscious in both off-road and campsite practices. Prior to shooting, there had been heavy rainfall leaving many of the tracks we were to follow muddy and, in places, underwater. The lads show novice drivers how driving should be done in these conditions. They demonstrate the right techniques to adopt when driving through mud and show how driving fast enough through water creates a bow wave, but not fast enough to churn up the track. Our 4X4 Aussie mates make a point of leaving tracks as they found them and cleaning campsites when they leave.

The series is fun, heartwarming, thrilling, and crazy at times, making for riveting viewing and serving as motivation for the younger generation to get off their mobile phones and out into this great country of ours. Aside from providing a great 4WD show with loads of thrills and spills, our mission is to inform and inspire the younger demographic with the benefits of an active lifestyle.



Myles grew up in a family of adventurers and explored vast areas of Australia before he could even pronounce it properly. With an easy going charm and friendly, articulate delivery, Myles is the ideal ‘face’ and narrator of the show.



Tristan has been pretty much everywhere Myles has because, well, they’re brothers. Part of the fun is that Tristan sees himself as the better brother; an all-round champion of a bloke. He’ll give anything a crack at least once and describes himself as a ‘sporty, outdoorsy kind of guy.’



Jack is all flip flops and dreadlocks and really belongs on a beach with a surfboard. He’s a cheery tradie who found his passion for 4WD adventures through his love of the outdoors and Australia’s natural beauty.

Sean profile.jpeg


Sean is the wildcard novice who’s learnt pretty much all he knows about 4WDs from TV. He’s always had an interest in 4WD shows and being in the bush, so it will be interesting to see how he goes. Oh, and Sean loves a good banter. In fact he can keep your interest talking about absolutely nothing!