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Pets Practice is the original family oriented TV show that first aired in Australia in 2013. Throughout two seasons of thirteen entertaining and informative episodes, Dr Kevin visits many fascinating places where dedicated people are doing their bit to improve the lives of animals all over Australia.

In Season One, get to know Strider, Pirate, Emmy, Alphie and Buddy, five puppies who start out a mischevious bunch, but by the end of the series are fully trained (by experienced dog behaviouralist, Chris Loverseed) and ready to face the world. Meanwhile Dr Kevin has a lot of insight to share into some of our pets most common, but perhaps not well-known, illnesses and ailments.

In Season Two Dr Kevin is joined by Lisa Williams, with a completely new season full of new animals and animal-lovers. Each episode also features star dog-trainer Julija Kinghorn and Flick the Border Collie teaching a new trick in “Flick’s Tricks”. Nigel Williamson of Animal Rescue joins us each week as he goes into chimneys, down holes and up trees to rescue some naughty pets and unfortunate wild animals.

There is something for everybody in both seasons of this informative and entertaining show, another high quality production from Sunset Films. For more information and to stay up-to-date with our show, check out the website and follow our Facebook page.