Sunset Films is a not-for-profit production company. We have produced several television shows, and provide video solutions for several companies, specialising in not-for-profit organisations. We provide the opportunity for media students to get a start in the industry as a member of our team of volunteer crew.


Four young Aussie adventurers 4WD across Australia with an offbeat approach to the off-road challenges they face, the people they meet, and the way they present our wonderful country.



Between treating a variety of animals at his clinic, Dr Kevin Foster and co-host Lisa Williams  explore the country for interesting animals; animal places and fascinatingly dedicated animal people.


Join Aaron McCarthy and Karen Mason as they discover the many islands of Victoria. The lifestyle travel series will show you where to go, what to do and how to best enjoy the islands that most of us never even knew about.

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As we are a professional not-for-profit organisation providing services to corporate and community clients, we provide a competitive rate while utilising the latest technology. We are also a training support organisation enabling film students to gain practical on-the-job experience including production, film, sound, lighting and direction.

We offer pro-bono work for not-for-profit organisations enabling them to produce professional productions for education and promotion.

As a not-for-profit, all monies made are reinvested back into the organisation for the purchase and maintenance of the latest technology.

We have the latest:

  • 5 HDV cameras for HDV interlace and full progressive filming

  • Cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting and underwater filming

  • Audio including quality recording devices, mics, boom pole, blimps, stands, radio and interview mics

  • Full Jib with Monitor

  • Steadicam rig for full size broadcast cameras

  • Sit on dolly with track

  • Top of the line drone for birdseye shooting

  • Directors monitor with live switching

  • 5 latest GoPros

  • Audio sound booth

  • Full editing suite with Adobe premiere Pro CS6 for full post production facilities

  • Green screen capability

  • Mains and battery lighting

We have full production, direction (including director of photography), sound, lighting, filming, editing and scripting crew to suit your project.

As a training support organisation, we can provide opportunities for current and graduated film students to gain on-the-job experience. Contact us for how you can get involved.

We have also been taking outstanding quality underwater video around the world for more than 15 years, in locations like the Maldives, the Carribbean, Croatia and the Great Barrier Reef. We have all the equipment needed to produce high quality underwater videography for any project.

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